Ford Builds App-etite for New Fusion with Teaser Campaign


Can’t wait for the North American International Auto Show to kick off on January 9th in Detroit so you can see the next version of the Ford Fusion? Well, you don’t have to.

Ford has released an app for the iPhone and Android that is simply activated by pointing the mobile device at a Ford logo, whether it’s on a car, online, or on a piece of paper, Mashable reports.

The app, which can be found on the Ford Fusion Facebook page, allows users to go for a drive in the new car on a variety of courses and gives them the ability to view the bare bones of the new car from 360 degrees.[more]

In order to keep users coming back to the app, new info will be released each day until the car is unveiled in Detroit: interviews with the car’s developers, bits of info about each part of the car, etc. As people find interesting moments or images on the app, they can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

“The goal is to keep superfans engaged and talking up the launch on social media, while Ford keeps the actual look and design a secret,” Mashable notes. “The company aims to create the sort of frenzied speculation that precludes, for instance, an Apple product introduction.”

The social teaser campaign for the new model follows on Ford’s long-standing social savvy, from the Ford Fiesta pre-launch marketing to the Ford Focus spokespuppet (RIP, Doug!) campaign that concluded in September.

Below, find out more about the strategy and design of the app in Ford’s behind-the-scenes video: