Brand Bites: ‘Think Different’, Blackwater, Matt Damon & more


Tough guy Mickey Rourke laughing at himself in Snickers ad is great, though it’s no Steven Seagal for Mountain Dew commercial. (via)

Get the “real story” behind Apple’s “Think Different” ad campaign.

Google is being lobbied to quit a lobbying group: the US Chamber of Commerce. To find out more, Google: “Google + quit + US Chamber of Commerce.”

Parental SEO alert, from “12 Harsh Truths About the Internet”: “If you want your kid to be Googleable, you’ll have to give them a weird-ass name.”[more]

“USA Quality Guaranteed” is, of course, Made in China.

Here’s one take on the best Twitter accounts of the year.

Xe, which was once Blackwater, re-rebrands to Academi. (The curriculum’s a killer…)

Britain’s Standard Chartered bank enlists portrait photographer Martin Schoeller to differentiate its brand in China.

Apple removes App Store app that allowed creation of fake driver’s license.

Which country gives the most Christmas gifts?

Just for fun: a history of the “bendy” straw.

Royal Caribbean launches “shellphone” campaign: “The Sea is Calling. Answer it Royally.”

Somalia’s al-Shabab militants (and sometimes terrorists) rebrand on Twitter.

Google sells Google Doogle logo products on Zazzle (20% off today!):

For the QSR lover on your holiday list: hamburger gift wrap. (via)

Sick of Helvetica? Join the Defend Comic Sans movement and reimagine your logo!

Chuck Taylor + TV = Custom Chucks

Athletes form athletic shoe for Asics, trump Toyota Prius human-bot:

Matt Damon, who we last saw “talking sh*t” on Toilet Day, plays Santa for his charity:

Bord na Móna’s ad for Peat briquettes is not something you see every day.

Consumers targeted by Google+ Hangouts ad probably too young to have ever seen Wayne’s World.

Britain’s Hornby connects hobbyists past and future:

Should buying guns sound like adopting puppies?

The latest from the Mexico Taxi Project.

Of this Times Square flash mob, the YouTube uploader comments, “I don’t know what was going on but these girls were dancing to no music and freezing their butts off.”

Here is a (spoof?) commercial for Camel “drink.”

And here’s a way to spy on agencies’ holiday parties.