Brand Bites: Kate Moss, FedEx, Gap, Siri & more


“Santa doesn’t do poor countries. But we do.” UNICEF tackles Christmas, above.

In London, cafes, shops and taxi firms are rushing to rebrand themselves in time for 2012.

Kate Moss  is in a new campaign for Valisere lingerie.

Now you can eat Cup Noodles even when you’re eating cereal.[more]

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the YouTube video of a delivery guy throwing a computer monitor over a fence…

…and here’s FedEx’s official response (the box-thrower? Still with the company):

The beef knows where it is. Wendy’s is #2.

Is Gap’s policy of not price-matching its own website ridiculous?

Should India be more worried about the Internet than Wal-Mart?

Motrin recalled, 6th time in last 2 years.

What is Apple’s Siri went bad?

Phones 4 U let off the hook for “Scary Girl” ad.

Is this the first “Dead Kim Jong-Il” ad? Sure, why not.

Kellogg’s is preparing to reposition its Special K cereal brand as a long-term weight management aid rather than as a quick fix to lose weight.

Catholics protest pregnancy test ad featuring the Virgin Mary.

Speaking of Catholics and ads: “You have to be a real man if you want to become a priest.”

Dept of ‘Oh, I Get It’: “Snatch. [snach]: an exercise in which a barbell is thrust from the floor to a position over the head in one explosive motion.” (via)

Tic Tacs want to know if you have ever seen Juno:

Piperlime coffee cup ad would like to remind women not to be so dumpy. (via)

Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann is a Mac:

Amar’e Stoudemire is the latest NBA star to join Sheets campaign:

How convenient: A survey of classic Coca-Cola Christmas commercials: