In the News: Siri, VW, Dunkin’ and more


In the News

Apple reportedly plans in-store branded boutiques at Target, while the iPhone‘s new Siri feature is said to double mobile data usage.

Porsche and Volkswagen compensation claims increase, while VW closes market cap gap with Toyota and looks to expand in China and India.

Dunkin’ Donuts gears up to double number of U.S. locations.

Alcoa is scaling back.

Audi is adding models to win more U.S. market share.

Baskin-Robbins to expand to Vietnam.[more]

Best Buy‘s December sales fell.

Best Western expands in India.

BlackBerry-maker RIM axes two handsets planned this year.

Boeing lags behind Airbus in plane orders.

Bravo Brio denies reports it’s in talks to be acquired by Darden.

Google acquires IBM patents for assessing social networkers’ interests, while VP says Internet access is not a right.

Gree, a Japanese gaming firm, sees record profits.

Groupon grows business in Taiwan.

IBM wins kudos for green data centers in Europe.

Kodak future pondered as executive departures continue.

Lenovo launches geographic restructuring.

Levi’s invites Twitterati to show Valentine’s Day love to kids in shelters.

LinkedIn sees “social media” specialists increase 49%.

Mercedes-Benz to live-stream 2013 models unveiling at Detroit Auto Show on Facebook.

Nestle‘s Hot Pockets brand trims workforce.

Olympus ends up dodging fight with ex-CEO.

PaperMate launches “most stolen pen” campaign.

PayPal is left headless at crucial time.

Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Wendy’s dangle January deals.

SFO is first U.S. airport to receive LEED Gold Certification.

Sony Pictures gets caught in political flap over “October surprise” movie about bin Laden raid.

Titanic treasures expected to set record at auction.

Washington Redskins logo continues court battle.

Yahoo puzzles over $4-billion tax break.

& U.S. unemployment rate falls to 8.5%.