Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Watch Donald Trump’s Century 21 Commercial, Charlie Brown for MetLife and much more


The Super Bowl buzz window before Sunday’s Big Game isn’t closed yet! Among those bellying up with sneak peeks at their full SB46 commercials today include Century 21‘s official spot (above) with Donald Trump, Deion Sanders and Apolo Anton Ohno.

Pepsi also revealed its much-hyped ad starring Elton John and X Factor winner Melanie Amaro, who only wants some Pepsi — and uses her award-winning pipes to get some from a reluctant King John:[more]

Chevrolet has been ladling out its spots for the Big Game on its Rainn Wilson-hosted YouTube hub, including this spot that taps into remnants of 2012 Mayan apocalyptic thinking to contrast a Chevy Silverado pickup with the competition (Ford) — and watch for the embattled Twinkie brand:

MetLife brings Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo and the gang and a host of other cartoon faves (also being teased on Facebook) to the big game for the brand’s Super Bowl debut:

A number of brands, such as Suzuki, have laid plans to nibble at the edges of the Big Game with big online campaigns or regional TV buys during the Super Bowl. Add BMW to their ranks with a national program of “digital shorts” such as “The Perfect Seat,“and other 15- and 30-second videos that “playfully illustrate some of the many new technologies that have been integrated into the all-new BMW 3 Series,” which will be introduced next week, BMW said.

While BMW made a splash by licensing David Bowie’s Changes for its national Super Bowl spot last year, this year BMW has pulled back and plans only to air a couple of these “shorts” in the crucial New York and Los Angeles markets.

Similarly, Chase has purchased spots in 50 regional markets for its new ad featuring New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, for QuickPay, a service that the bank says is “changing the way people exchange money.”

Jack in the Box is also going regional with its Marry Bacon SB46 campaign:

And Denver’s Breckenridge Brewery is only airing its Dos Esquis-spoofing Super Bowl spot locally on Game Day:

Acura is taking advantage of the interest creating by Jerry Seinfeld’s appearance in the brand’s Super Bowl ad, by releasing a slew of online-only extras such as more of Jerry’s private Manhattan zipline:

Budweiser shared a behind-the-scenes look at its “Bud Light Hotel” in Indianapolis that is dominated by Bud Light blue and bottlecaps:

Chrysler, resisting the trend of revealing all before Game Day, refused to confirm rumors that Clint Eastwood might make the brand’s day during a Super Bowl spot. Chrysler has played things closer to the vest than most other brands in advance of Sunday, in terms of what viewers can expect. And why not? No one saw its now-iconic Eminem “Imported From Detroit” spot coming before it wowed the nation in last year’s game. Meanwhile, Chrysler plans to use some placements during the airing of the Super Bowl in the U.K. to reintroduce itself, in a fashion, to British consumers.

But overall, so extensive has grown the pre-game promotion of spots that we now have pre-game measurement of the viral effectiveness of the pre-game promotions. So Collective Intellect, a social-media analystics firm, already can tell us that automakers “dominate” the pre-Super Bowl talk, led by Honda, which has a 19.7-percent “share” of “engaged consumers,” Volkswagen (17.9 percent), Acura, Chevrolet and Toyota. Honda also leads the “total buzz” category.