China Bites: Apple, Starbucks, NBA and more


Apple, as ever, is all the talk in China:

• Company loses iPad trademark in China and faces $1.6 billion lawsuit, prompting question: “Why Haven’t the Apple Stores Been Shut Down?”

• Labor woes continue with The Economist weighing in on the “but these jobs are better than farming rice” argument.

• Is this a 7th generation iPod nano? With a camera?

• iPhone woes continue as Apple admits China Mobile SIM cards and iPhone 4S are not speaking the same language.

• Siri gets Rosetta Stone: Chinese.

But it’s not all Apple in China:[more]

• Starbucks is upping its prices in China. Chinese customers not all happy about that. But that’s ok (probably), because here’s why the chain is so successful. (Hint:China is not the US.)

• Can Citigroup grow a credit card business in China?

• Yum! Brands to open at least 150 new Pizza Hut stores in China this year.

• Meanwhile, everyone trying to take a bite out of Yum! Brands in China.

• Valentine’s Day is now big business across China.

• InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) to launch 12 upscale hotels under a new brand in China in 2012.

• Chinese consumers insulted by rude brand name of wine from Chile.

The Economist launches new China section.

• China bans airlines from paying EU’s “carbon tax.”

• The NBA is missing its shots in China.

• Grey Goose hits the red carpet at I Do (我愿意) premier.

• The hot new label in China? “Made in the USA.

• “Worshipping cats” hidden in 100 yuan banknotes?

• Beijing offices are now more expensive to rent than New York offices.

• How Chinese students cover US university tuition.

• CCTV, China’s news service, begins broadcasting English-language service from Washington, D.C.

• Bar Rafaeli and Boris Becker team up to launch new Shanghai Tang charity polo shirt:

& Cadbury brings all the Buddhist monks to the yard: