Brand Bites: Valentine’s Day Campaigns You’ll Fall in Love With


Call it awww-gmented reality: Starbucks has updated its Cup Magic augmented reality app, introduced before Christmas, in time for Valentine’s Day. Send and receive 3D virtual messages by scanning limited edition love heart adorned cups — more info here.

More Valentine’s brand love below, from Pizza Hut, Heineken and more:[more]

Pizza Hut is wooing lovestruck fans to tie the knot in a lovey-dovey package: $10 for the pizza & $10,000 for the wedding.

Heineken created a Facebook app that generates serenades for fans to invite their heart’s desire on a date, in a funny way of course:

JCPenney is running this adorable spot to make viewers fall in love (with their brand refresh):

Walgreens is inviting its Facebook fans to “Play Cupid” in a V-Day campaign (via Digitas):

Hello Kitty introduced a new Love Bandit collection for V-Day:

Instagram founder’s girlfriend learned to code and made a Lovestagram app for her beau:

Valentine’s Day, of course, is the Super Bowl for purveyors of blings and rings, such as Zales:

Marmite is spreading the love to its fans with Facebook e-cards:

This Valentine’s Day give your beloved… fonts!

Bacon lovers! Jack in the Box is bringing milkshakes and bacon together.

Still in puppy love with VW‘s Super Bowl mutt? Peep this:

We defy you not to fall for Arturo, 8 year old ad critic. (via)

The thinking woman’s hunk (?), James Franco, adds “ad man” to his list of credits. (via)

Oh, you two…. (via)

Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day from ESPN!