Top 10 Stories of the Week: From Super Bowl Ads to Komen for the Cure


Our most-read blog posts of the week:

#1 Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Here are the Movie Trailers You’ll See on Sunday

#2 Super Bowl Ad Tracker: GE Spurns Humor, Touts U.S. Manufacturing and Jobs

#3 Super Bowl Ad Watch: Ford Protests GM’s Chevy Apocalypse Commercial

#4 Super Bowl Ad Watch: The Commercials You May Have Missed Sunday Night

#5 Super Bowl Ad Tracker: Why Chevy, GE, P&G Tout Other Brands in Their Ads

#6 Super Bowl Ad Tracker: M&M’s Ms. Brown Makes a Post-Game Splash on Social

#7 Super Bowl XLVI Ad Watch: The Good, the Bad and the Creepy

#8 Why Hashtags are Becoming Bashtags, and How to Stop Losing Twitter Followers

#9 The Week Komen for the Cure Destroyed Its Brand

#10  2012 Super Bowl XLVI Ad Round-Up, Including Pre-Game, Post-Game, and Regional Spots