In the News: Apple, Samsung, Taco Bell and more


In the News

Angry Birds is heading to space.

Apple threatens to sue China’s Proview over iPad trademark dispute.

Boeing competes for Asia orders worth $10 billion.

Danone and Nestle work to overcome antitrust obstacles in their bids for Pfizer infant-nutrition unit.

David Yurman and other brands see uptick in sales of men’s accessories.

Fiat retunes U.S. marketing after 2011 problems while erstwhile spokeswoman Jennifer Lopez turns to lots of other brand deals.

Google launches Latitude Leaderboards, puts Foursquare on notice.[more]

Lamborghini says slowing economy in China may hurt supercar demand there.

Lloyds to claw back on bonuses.

MGM Resorts extends loyalty program to non-gamblers.

News Corp. plans to begin publishing Sunday Sun in time for London Summer Olympics.

Samsung focuses on making thinner, brighter TVs.

Taco Bell to roll out tacos in Doritos shell.

TNT Express presses to get better deal from UPS.

Walmart plans to buy majority stake in e-commerce outfit in China.

& Jeremy Lin fire is restoked as New York Knicks beat defending NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. ESPN also fired employee for ethnic slur in Lin headline while racial questions enter coverage.