Brand Bites: Salma Hayek and Other Celeb-Centric New Campaigns


• Go ahead, customize that 2013 Mustang — but watch out for the little ballerina with the inner Black Swan.

• “For sale – a willing and able permanent or temporary employee.” Unemployed woman auctions herself on eBay.

• “Eyevertising!” Unemployed Londoner offers ad space … on his eye.

Below, check out Funny or Die’s Kia Optima spoof with Blake Griffin and Jeff Goldblum; Salma Hayek’s midnight run for the Milk Mustache campaign; drives buzz for Chrysler; and more.[more]

• Here is your pepper spray iPhone case.

• Why are ugly websites so successful?

• Levi’s: Women are hot in any size, as long as they are size 6 or below.

• Bongo Comics logo loses “BONGO!”

• Rebranding Chattanooga with a Kickstarter campaign.

• Marketing Colorado with a WTF?

• US spirits makers “ginning” it up in 2012.

• Ice cream cone mascot mistaken for KKK protest.

• Sheer number of online couponers now a sheer terror for everyone involved.

Urban Outfitters irks Irish with insulting trucker hat:

• UK chip shop spoofs David Beckham H&M ad.

• Greenpeace print ads are steampunktastic. (via)

• GOP candidate Newt Gingrich has a new catch phrase: “You can’t put a gun rack in a Volt.” Chevy Volt owner begs to differ:

• Paddy Power commercial causes some trouble.

• Remember when Dubai had to beat people off with a stick?

• Dubai also orchestrated a watery tribute to Whitney Houston:

• Behind the scenes of Bollywood god Salman Khan’s new Dixcy Scott campaign.

Purina‘s “Awwww!”-inspiring campaign:

• And here comes the new 2012 Mercedes ML 63 AMG. (Helicopters!)