Oreo Turns 100 with 25 Million Facebook Licks and Global Celebration


Oreo is turning 100 on March 6th, and Kraft Foods is pulling out apart all the stops to honor its iconic cookie.

A special website (oreo.com/birthday) invites fans to virtually “share in the moment” all year long, there’s a limited-edition Birthday Cake Oreo flavor, and Oreo’s first integrated global campaign that plays up its brand essence: creating shared moments and memories to celebrate “the kid inside”.[more]

The anniversary campaign encompasses advertising, in-store, local events, public relations tie-ins including NASCAR, research that shows the spirit of childhood is at risk globally, and social media including Facebook, where the brand has more than 25 million licks likes.

As the New York Times notes,

The campaign is indicative of two trends reshaping consumer marketing. One, referred to on Madison Avenue as authenticity, involves responding to a growing interest among consumers seeking value in the provenance of brands as they search for products whose quality has been tested over time. The other trend involves efforts to present those heritage brands in updated ways to reassure consumers they can still meet contemporary needs.

“What we’ve really set out to do is something authentic for the brand, true to its roots, that is fresh for today,” said John Ghingo, senior director for global biscuits at the East Hanover, N.J., office of Kraft Foods. “We want to acknowledge what Oreo has been over the past 100 years,” he added, “and recognize what it means in today’s world.”

With a unifying theme of celebrating inner kids, the print portion of the anniversary advertising riffs on cultural milestones such as the launch of Pac-man:

Local TV commercials feature kids (of all ages) and the iconic “lick, twist and dunk” — an element that’s not played up in all markets, such as China, by the way. Below, watch one of the new spots that’s currently running in the UK:

And below, an unsolicited tribute by a fan (apparently of Apple, too) on YouTube: