Brand Bites: McRibster, Carl’s Jr & Fighting Sioux


• What do you call a deep fried McRib in Europe? A McRibster.

• NCAA implements sanctions against University of North Dakota for Fighting Sioux logo.

• Whitney Museum punked by spoof smackdown over corporate sponsors.[more]

• The Guardian‘s “three little pigs” ad campaign huffs and puffs, and blows everyone away.

• Feed it tweets. Let it grow. TWEETACONDA!

• “I’m a believer. You’ll be too!” The last ads of late Monkee, Davy Jones.

• Disneyland cancels overeating villains of health exhibit.

• So this is happening:

• Chick-fil-A tops customer service survey as NYU students protest the chain over anti-gay equality donations.

• Dept. of Funny Things: The official Kickstarter page for Greece.

• Virgin Atlantic hires “whisper coach” to teach flight attendants how to address first class passengers.

• Why can’t “sexy brands” get more Facebook engagement?

• Looking at the collapse of print advertising in one graph.

• Gun advocates not happy about MLB’s decision to ban six shooter from throwback Houston Astros “Colt .45s” logo.

• If you’re going to be a pitchwoman for Greenpeace, don’t do a commercial for Shell Oil in your youth. Then again, we were all young once.

• Quote: “Awarding marketers for using what you’re shilling is so self-aggrandizing as to be nearly meaningless.” Op-ed on Facebook ad awards.

• La Quinta Inn & Suites and Simmons Bedding break the record for longest human mattress dominos. (via)

• Package design mastery.

• Lazer Tag is back, baby!

• The Story of Sushi. Just trust us, watch it.

• You’ll always remember your first time… with Putin.

• Oh, it’s art! The Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. commercial has a “director’s cut.” Stay tuned for the Criterion Collection reissue.

• And Kayak’s YouTube channel goes for the funny bone.