Spam Celebrates 75th Birthday With New Mascot: Sir Can-A-Lot


FDR was president, the Hindenburg crashed, the Golden Gate Bridge opened, and Spam was born. In 1937, the pork-centric meat dish sold in the trademark can hit store shelves.

So to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its birth, Hormel Foods, the owner of the Spam brand, are “launching a loveable character to rescue the world from routine meals,” according to the company’s press release.

The 2½-inch mascot is a cartoon knight named (what else?) Sir Can-A-Lot and he’ll appear in Spam marketing across the board. In one new commercial, he pops out from an egg carton to remind the cook to include Spam in her recipe.[more]

You can be sure, like Monty Python’s classic ode to Spam, the character will be reminding us all to have everything with spam.

“The introduction of Sir Can-A-Lot provides an engaging presence that highlights the playful and down-to-earth personality that makes the SPAM brand both unique and timeless,” said Nicole L. Behne, product manager of SPAM family of products, according to the release. “The campaign features him ridding not only mealtimes of boredom, but also helping consumers ‘Break the Monotony.'” (That last phrase, by the way, Hormel has gone and trademarked, just to keep things interesting.)

The plan for using Sir Can-A-Lot currently consists of three 30-second television commercials, online banner ads featuring the character, and a redesign of the Spam website that has Sir Can-A-Lot serving “as the site’s guide to help fans break out of their boring routines.” For example, when visitors head to  thesite, they are forced to scroll up rather than the customary down. 

On the front page of the site, which consists of a tower of stacked Spam cans that each contain separate content, users are encouraged to add a can to the top of the tower by submitting “a link to your Spam content.” So if you’ve got some of that handy, you’re in business. If not, you might want to just try the “spam, spam, bacon, spam, and eggs spam” that the Pythons so enjoy.

One thing that hasn’t seemed to dent Spam’s brand in any way is that its name has been attached to the piles of unsolicited emails that arrive in email in-boxes around the globe every day. If nothing else, it gets the company name out there in front of billions of eyeballs on a consistent basis. Who could ask for anything more?

Below, watch the new commercials featuring Sir Can-A-Lot plus a classic commercial (“Classroom”) from the archives, which Spam is sharing with fans on its YouTube channel as it celebrates 75 years of Spammy goodness: