Brand Bites: Monty iPython App, Huggies vs Dads, and Lenny Kravitz Digs Water


Hark! It’s Monty Python‘s new iPad app.

Below, watch the Huggies commercial that has dads up in arms, and more.[more]

Huggies alters “Dad Test” campaign on Facebook (alleging dads can’t cope) after “Dad-Fueled Poop Storm and protest:

Lenny Kravitz promotes UNICEF’s 2012 Tap Project — and it’s not a celeb spoof spot:

Orange is “piloting a new advertising format that will see customers’ ringback tones replaced with advertising messages.” Uh huh.

Chuck E. Cheese vies for title of top restaurant for a brawl.

Chattanooga, Tennessee gets its own typeface.

The most effective magazine ads of 2011.

The most popular iPhone apps of all time.

The story the State Farm-Aaron Rodgers “champion belt” commercials and how the brand benefits when other athletes do the “Discount Double Check.”

The Muppets spoof The Hunger Games, hungrily:

North Dakota newspaper reviews new Olive Garden resaurant, gets mocked by Gawker.

The Otis Maybach torched in Jay-Z and Kanye West video is up for sale.

Ikea partners on pop-up houses concept.

The Colts, Peyton Manning, and the mega-millions.

Stay at the Holiday Inn, say UK Olympians.

So why isn’t the iPad getting thinner?

Top shelf vodka ice cream.” What else would a Mad Men Ben & Jerry’s flavor taste like?

Braved the new Doritos Locos Taco mash-up yet, now at a Taco Bell near you?

It’s all in the placement: Here’s one way to make sure a QR code gets scanned. (via)

New York University protest against anti-gay policies of chain Chik-fil-A goes into guerrilla mode. (via)

An argument for brands to “Enable the New Dad.

Er, cool down with BGH air conditioners, and your inappropriate pops.

For its Spring/Summer line of lingerie, Agent Provocateur does a rather SFW Agent Provocateur thing:

When you buy a Ram truck, you buy guts, glory, respect and a motorcycle.

Hey, it’s Ron Weasley and Stephen Fry! Visit England tourism campaign rolls out the stars.

Remember Joe the Plumber from 2008? He’s walking running for Congress.

And here’s the European Union ad some are calling racist.