Linsanity Waning? Not in Taiwan


Some people have suggested that Linsanity is pretty much over as the New York Knicks haven’t won (surprise!) every single game that Jeremy Lin has started as point guard, and have actually lost a few with him taking charge.

But anybody who says that obviously hasn’t been hanging out in Taiwan recently. Focus Taiwan reports that the 23-year-old Harvard grad’s influence is extremely strong there. A local magazine there released poll results Friday that show Lin’s continuing influence.[more]

“Asked what Lin, the first Taiwanese-American to play in the NBA, would be best at promoting, 88.6 percent of respondents answered charitable causes, according to a Global Views Monthly’s poll,” the site notes. If that weren’t enough, the poll shows that 51.4 percent of non-habitual donors would go ahead and fork over cash or volunteer if Lin put his name on the cause. Lin’s disregard for failure and “readiness to face challenges” were the things that 76.3 percent of the folks polled who knew of Lin liked about him.

They don’t only find him Linspiring; the young NBA star is also poised to make a tidy sum in endorsements there — if he’s so (ahem) Linclined. The site notes that Lin has been swamped with endorsement offers, including from Taiwanese tire maker Maxxis and the “largest instant noodle brand in China,” Master Kong.

And his fans in Chinese and Taiwanese communities in the Knicks’ hometown haven’t forsaken him. Among the edible odes to Lin, you can now add a non-controversy-flavored ice cream treat.

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