Top 10 Stories of the Week: From Cartier to the new iPad and more


Our most-read blog posts of the week, From Cartier to the new iPad and more:

#1 Cartier Unleashes Panther for 165th Anniversary

#2 Is Apple’s New iPad Resolutionary Enough to Drive Sales?

#3 Rainbow Connection: Apple’s Tie-Dye Logo Peek Sparks Speculation

#4 Mantyhose, Guylons, Brosiery: Men, Ready to Don Tights?

#5 McDonald’s Promotes Revamped Happy Meal in Biggest Kids Marketing Push Ever

#6 What Would Dr. Seuss Have Made of The Lorax Movie’s Marketing Partners?

#7 Oprah Helps Paula Deen Open Her Next Chapter

#8 Urban Outfitters Offends Irish, Navajo Nation

#9 Google Play Looks to Give Apple’s iTunes a Run for the Money

#10 American Express Promotes Twitter Sync at SXSW with Jay-Z