In the News: AOL, Pinterest, Benihaha and more


In the News

AOL CEO defends strategy.

Ben & Jerry’s renames flavor to support gay marriage.

Benihana explores possible sale.

DelMonte Foods brings back “Meow Mix” jingle.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica to stop printing encyclopedias.

Facebook sees startups resist its pull.

Las Vegas Sands faces suit by former Macau partner.

Paramount Pictures goes to the mattresses with Puzo family over ownership of The Godfather franchise.[more]

PayPal eases curbs on “obscene” e-books.

Pinterest creates copyright issues like Napster did.

Rush Limbaugh still copes with national advertiser withdrawals.

Sharp faces delays in panels for new iPad.

Volkswagen sees Piech family tighten its grip.

Volvo courts Jeremy Lin for endorsement in China.