Chicago White Sox Ads Prime Fans for Opening Day


With the 2012 Major League Baseball season opening in less than a month, the Chicago White Sox are getting ready for Robin Ventura, former White Sox third baseman, as this will be his first year as manager of the team.

To help share his baseball philosophy on hard work, dedication and love for the game, Energy BBDO produced a set of spots which will be break on local television today (Mar. 19) to help drive ticket sales and enthusiasm ahead of Opening Day on April 6th.

The commercials (watch below) feature Ventura looking back at his remarkable past with the team, with old clips from White Sox games. In a second spot, he walks onto the field, while his voiceover highlights his passion for baseball and his team.

The tagline, simply: “Appreciate the Game.”[more]

And below, in a Crain’s Business of Sports video interview, White Sox Marketing VP Brooks Boyer talks about the new slogan for 2012, “Appreciate the Game,” comparing it to 2011’s “All In.”