In the News: Angry Birds, Hot iPad, American Idol Clothing and more


In the News

Adobe gets more social.

Amazon wrings profit from fulfillment.

AmLactin taps Olympic swimmer Dara Torres as brand ambassador.

Angry Birds to launch retail partnership

Apple iPad users find high video use can crunch data plans as Consumer Reports finds that the new version runs hotter than the old one.

Arby’s readies brand relaunch.

Boeing gains 787 Dreamliner clearance by U.S. regulators.[more]

Broadcom pays $195M for chip maker BroadLight.

Coca-Cola maintains top spot as category keeps losing market share.

Domino’s pizza CEO sees positive year ahead.

Fast Company tours Facebook‘s new HQ.

FedEx faces stronger UPS in Europe.

Fiat‘s Sergio Marchionne sees ’painful’ restructuring for EU automakers.

Glaxo joins J&J in $200 million biotech fund.

HP plans to unite printing and PC units.

Hartford decides to exit annuity business.

Hermès-owned luxury brand Shang Xia celebrates Chinese history.

Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Subaru join Suppliers Partnership for the Environment.

HTC‘s Beats by Dr. Dre in talks to buy MOG.

Instagram and Hipstamatic join forces.

Jaguar Land Rover and Chery team up in China.

Kohl’s plans to launch American Idol-branded clothing line.

Mayo Clinic gets boost from U.S. Supreme Court for biotech-patent arguments.

Mitt Romney holds Google+ Hangout, defends Microsoft.

New York’s Grand Central Terminal unveils new logo 

New York Times tightens online access.

Nissan schedules improved Leaf for December.

NYSE announces $1.5 million loan for start-ups.

Sainsbury ramps up pressure on Tesco.

LA’s Umami Burgers invades NYC.

Unilever mines absurdities in getting kids to eat in new Ragu campaign.

US Airways faces merger, labor dispute questions.

Volkswagenreportedly planning new brand of low-cost cars, leaves women behind in Beetle sales.

Walgreens launches health-and-wellness database from Facebook page. 

& are electric cars too expensive for most Americans?