Venus (Williams) Rising Again With Clothing Line


When you’re a celeb athlete, being the best in the world at something isn’t good enough. You’ve got to build your brand. After all, those playing days are only going to last so long and the good life shouldn’t just end because you’re dealing with whatever stresses your body has taken on during your athletic career.

Venus Williams is getting back into the act. She had launched a clothing line for Steve & Barry’s years ago but that retailer went into liquidation in 2008. Now she’s back.

As Women’s Wear Daily notes, she has “partnered with brands including Ralph Lauren and Gilt Group” in the past, and is now relaunching her personally designed apparel collection EleVen, which is, no surprise, geared for on and off the court.[more]

The revamped line features “a tournament dress, classic flutter skirt and tank tops for women and polos and V-necks for men,” the site notes. Whatever consumers want to turn things up to EleVen, they’ll be able to find Ms. Williams’ brand at both specialty and department stores, WWD reports.

The stamp of Williams will be on the products with some of them having handwritten inspirational messages from her (“Bring It” and “Oh & Oh, Beat ‘Em,” for example) right on them.

And don’t you fret about younger sister Serena keeping up with her sibling. She put her name on a new collection in February with Nike in honor of Black History Month, an event that the Swoosh folks seemed to put extra energy into using as a marketing tool this year.

And while it seems every tennis player has something he or she has to promote, Venus is hoping other tennis pros end up on the court wearing her duds, WWD reports:  “That would be amazing. That’s definitely our goal going forward. Our next step is to show other players wearing it,” Williams told the site.