Excuse Me, Ma’am, Your Tattoo is Ringing


Tattoos are far more socially acceptable now than they were a few decades ago and some brilliant mind at Nokia saw this as an opportunity for the company: Why not tap into the vast body-art marketplace out there with some cool technology?

The idea is that the tattoo and a user’s phone could communicate with each other so that when the person gets a call, text, email, or whatever, he or she could feel a little buzz in the tattoo.

Nokia (according to CNET) filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last September to use magnetic waves to create the effect, which could also produce an invisible tattoo, apparently, if the person wasn’t interested in sticking Mom on his or her shoulder or a scene from “Where the Wild Things Are” across his or her back.[more]

“In an embodiment, the material is attached to skin using at least one of stamping a ferromagnetic pattern, spraying the ferromagnetic pattern, attaching adhesive tape comprising the ferromagnetic pattern, apply a decal comprising the ferromagnetic pattern, tattooing the ferromagnetic pattern and drawing the ferromagnetic pattern,” Nokia notes in the filing.

But, as CNET points out, it seems likely that this scenario will likely never see the light of day but Nokia will surely find other ways to use it.