Top 10 Stories of the Week, From Skittles to Kraft


Our most-read blog posts of the week:

#1 Skittles Becomes a Symbol of Trayvon Martin Shooting Protests

#2 Doritos Gets Jacked Up at SXSW

#3 Social Notworking: Read Interbrand’s New Report on the Corporate Digital Divide

#4 Glock Misfires With Lifestyle Apparel Line

#5 Is Apple A Secret Rush Limbaugh Advertiser?

#6 Lionsgate Aces the Selling of “The Hunger Games”

#7 Hitler In Advertising: Shockingly Unoriginal

#8 Mondelēz, Mondelēz: Kraft Employees Name Soon to Be Spun Off Snacks Unit

#9 PepsiCo Spurs Digital-Marketing Innovation in Brazil and India

#10 Jeremy Lin and Volvo Tie the Knot