In the News: Aziz Ansari for AMEX, Nike Sues Reebok Over Tim Tebow, News Corp Faces Hacking Charges


American Express has tapped comedian and uber-tweeter Aziz Ansari for brand’s first Twitter Sync TV campaign, which breaks tonight. Check out the :15 version of the commercial below, along with other headlines this hour.[more]

Apple issues New iPad refunds in Australia over 4G issues, while China news report says Apple has cut back iPad production.

Food Lion slashes prices, increases fresh produce in new ‘brand strategy.’  

Google opens up, lets users track their online activity across its products.  

Google+ gets first UK campaign.

ICANN asked to protect the names of body parts and disease/disability terms in new TLD applications.

Intel explains reasoning for hiring as brand ambassador.  

Lamborghini designs a green version of the Batmobile.  

News Corp. faces new hacking allegations on a global scale.

Nike is suing Reebok for making Tim Tebow jerseys.

Opel hires former head of VW’s Skoda brand in China as part of turnaround effort.

Starbucks ramps up European expansion.