Brand Bites: Madonna’s Censored TV Commercial & Bacontastic Branding


Here’s the commercial for Madonna‘s new “Truth or Dare” fragrance deemed too racy by Disney‘s ABC TV censors.

Below, enjoy some bacontastic branding mmmoves, and more:[more]

For April Fools’ Day, Fresh Step releases bacon-scented cat litter (with urine-activated sizzle sound):

Kraft “baconizes” (push button here) to promote new Mac & Cheese flavor:

(Dying for more bacon? There’s always this.) And in other news…

WWD reveals how Nike got an early jump on Reebok over Tim Tebow gear lawsuit.

Huh? Prostitute sues McDonald’s pushed me into the profession.

Naughtea “Fifty Shames Of Earl Grey” parodies erotic publishing phenom “Fifty Shades Of Grey.”

Season finale of San Francisco-based show Alcatraz recreates Bullitt Mustang chase scene with help from Ford.

No b.s. interview with the founder of “S**tter,” the Twitter-spoofing toilet paper company.

Captain Morgan Rum launches a mobile game.

Kazakhstan puts its rebrand hopes in the movies.

Samsung Galaxy Note — so easy, an elephant can use it! (See unedited footage here & here)

Hay bale advertising is hot in Germany.

Dog Drool and Bug Barf favors? (No, this is not about Starbucks.)

White House one-man gaffe machine Joe Biden accidentally endorses Dr Pepper.

Over half of Domino’s Pizza UK deliveries are booked online, generate more than £1m in sales in one week from mobile orders.

Bulgari expands from jewelry to wine.

Marc Jacobs‘ new glass (well, plastic) slipper (Fit: “True to size”) is available for the princely sum of $595.

Etch-a-Sketch stays neutral while capitalizing on Mitt Romney campaign fame (via):

Facebook added a 42 sq. ft. QR code to its roof.

NBC comedy Community‘s Subway tie-in this week was a hit:

NBA players band together for Christian apparel brand.

Sorry, folks, the air delivery “Tacocopteris not real… for now.

MetLife is back with the Peanuts gang (and a Ben Folds Facebook contest):

Sears’ DieHard battery brand produced this nod to its classic 1970’s TV “frozen lake” commercial:

Volkswagen Canada demonstrates why laser-welding matters:

Oak grabs Brits by the throat with “Kill hungrythirsty dead” spot (via):

Levi’s enlists Korea National Ballet for stretch jeans campaign (via):

Here’s Michelle Wie “fore” the Kia Soul:

Angry cat tests Columbia outerwear. (via)

Kotex leverages popularity of Pinterest:

Catch Katy Perry’s new music video Marines recruitment ad?

H2Oh! man….

Not enough Hitlertising for you? Here’s an All State “Mayhem” spoof campaign:

A better Cleveland Browns 2012 ad than the real Cleveland Browns 2012 campaign: