Top 10 Stories of the Week: From Starbucks to Trayvon Martin


Our most-read blog posts of the week:

#1 Starbucks Not the Only Brand Using Crushed Bugs for ‘Natural’ Coloring

#2 Trayvon Martin’s Mother is Smart to Apply for Trademark for Her Son’s Name

#3 Hitler In Advertising: Shockingly Unoriginal

#4 Nissan Piques (and Peeks) Curiosity for 2013 Models at New York Auto Show

#5 Skittles Becomes a Symbol of Trayvon Martin Shooting Protests

#6 Cornucopia of Hunger Games Products Ever in Retailers’ Favor

#7 As Mad Men Returns, Misty-Eyed Mad Ave is Eager to Reminisce

#8 The Muppets Strike Back at Goldman Sachs

#9 Jamba Juice Shakes Up Brand

#10 Banking on Social Media: The Financial Services Brands That Get Social