Play Ball! MLB Opening-Week Chevy TV Ads Highlight Hometown Detroit Tigers


Whether Chevy is running deep, running sure (with its new global Commonwealth ad agency) or running well (based on recent strong sales), one thing the brand isn’t running is away from its traditional association with baseball as the official sponsor of Major League Baseball.

And so in this opening week of the 2012 MLB season, Chevy has reached back to 1974 to remind American baseball — and car — fans to make sure they remember that it’s always been behind America’s Pastime. New ads key in on the catchy jingle from the old ads, “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet,” and put them in new voices.[more]

The new spots include Prince Fielder, the big free-agent acquisition by the Detroit Tigers, and Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, who won last year’s American League Cy Young and Most Valuable Player awards. Of course, neither of these young stars were even born when the jingle originally caught on. But interestingly, Fielder’s father Cecil Fielder, since estranged from him, was a big star for the Tigers back in the day.

And lest fans across the rest of the country feel slighted that the Cubs or Dodgers or Red Sox or Marlins aren’t the focus of the ads, remember that Detroit is Chevy’s home town. Comerica Park, where the Tigers play, is only a very few Fielder home runs from GM headquarters in the Renaissance Center.

The three 15-second ads debuted last night during ESPN’s broadcast of the opening-night game. Spike Lee’s Spike DDB outfit created them.

Chevrolet has been the “official vehicle” of MLB since 2005 — but obviously “America’s brand” and America’s game have been mutual admirers for much longer.

Below, watch one of the classic Chevy Baseball commercials the campaign is referencing: