Luxury Mobile Marketing: Can You Say Angry Birds?


Viral games Angry Birds and Words With Friends are “prime spots for luxury mobile marketing” according to a recent Luxury Institute study.

The study, conducted in early 2012 among respondents reporting an average net worth of $2.8 million, reveals that of the 67% of high net worth individuals who shop via mobile, 63% made purchases in the past 12 months and spent an average of $628.

Of the 60% of luxury consumers in the US with smartphones, 28% own an iPhone, 22% an Android and 16% a BlackBerry. About 73% of them use apps at least once a day, and 80% have downloaded an app.

“Apps are becoming ubiquitous, so it’s what we do with them that make the experience more extraordinary that will make the difference,” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute. “How the app is being used by the consumer or to contact someone who represents the brand is now where the real opportunity lies.”

The most frequently downloaded apps for millionaires include Angry Birds, Facebook and Words With Friends.

However, since millionaires prefer the in-store experience, “luxury brands have to start creating humanistic experiences on mobile. Mobile applications are the most common form of engagement for affluent consumers, indicating that luxury marketers need to step up the in-app experience,” the report recommends. [more]

“Brands do need to be as engaging as social media, but they cannot be gimmicky – they must be honest and real,” Pedraza said. “It is surprising that Facebook and games have reached all consumers, not just the young.”

Nordstrom department stores have targeted aspirational consumers with mobile banner ads for Nordstrom Rack locations in Words With Friends, and Bergdorf Goodman used the app to drive foot traffic to stores with a location-based banner about an in-house event.

The possibilities are rich, as the Wall Street Journal Blog suggests: “The Millionaire’s version of Angry Birds could feature chickens launching in G550s, soaring headlong into the Italianate mansions protecting the pigs. Or, instead of bombs, the birds could get giant bags of cash that they could drop on sponsored retailers like Bergdorf, Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton.”

Time for luxury brands to replace a wait-and-see-toe-in-the-water attitude and innovate in the M-commerce retail space…or those birds may just get angrier.