Function or Emotion? Trident Switches Directions; Force Energy Gum Launches


Just as one of the world’s biggest chewing-gum brands is launching a new appeal based more on emotion than functionality, a start-up gum brand is employing exactly the opposite tactic. Which one is right will be a whole lot clearer a few months from now.

Kraft’s Trident brand is rolling out a new ad this week with the tagline “See What Unfolds,” targeting the Millennial generation with what the brand, in a press release, called “a deeper and emotional connection.”

Like other chewing-gum manufacturers, Trident has been emphasizing its products as delivery vehicles for practical benefits. Of late, Kraft had been emphasizing functional and even nutritional benefits of the various versions of Trident — whiter teeth, vitamins, etc. [more]

Kraft also is making the new campaign its first global effort behind the brand, apparently in the belief that Generation Y gum chewers around the world have lots in common. “This new singular voice will target that unique millennial mindset of 18- to 39-year-olds, whereas in the past individual campaigns focused on specific targets, like moms,” Trident said.

Meantime, Force Energy Gum also is targeting Millennials with its new energy gum, meant to provide an efficacious and easier-to-consume energy-boosting alternative to energy shots and the increasingly popular Sheets energy product. If an emotional appeal comes along with that, so be it, the brand owner told brandchannel.

Force Gum is manufactured to provide the best delivery of caffeine, B vitamins and its other active ingredients, said Matt Lawlor, CEO of the Florida-based startup. Force also includes a unique electrolyte that “works on the nervous system to calm nervous energy [to] offset the jittery feeling you get from caffeine,” he said.

Big energy-drink brands including Amp and Rockstar have had energy gums, too, but Lawlor noted they seem to be fading from circulation. Force is planning a launch this summer in southern California and southern Florida.