Brand Bites: Nike, Scion, iOS, Pepsi, Dos Equis, Instagram, Mountain Dew & Converse


After launching a bikini babes, donuts and milk spot, Scion thought better and pulled it. It lives on though. (via)

Blondes in bikinis and Helen Keller. Of course it’s Nike. [more]

Budweiser wants pitches from startup agencies.

Then: KFC urges Thais to rush home and order chicken in case of tsunami. Now: KFC apologizes to Thais for urging them to rush home and order chicken in case of tsunami

Get Unilever’s “F*ck the Diet” button before the brand thinks better of its campaign.

Marketplace‘s excellent look at how Belfast is leveraging the Titanic anniversary.

“Is Ferrari Stereotyping Chinese By Slapping A Dragon On China-Only Special Edition Supercar?”

Quaint North Dakota Olive Garden-reviewing octogenarian sensation Marilyn Hagerty is working with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain on a book.

All of China’s iOS devices are exactly where one would expect, in expensive cities.

Now-retired Best Buy CEO’s conduct still in question.

“An article on March 31 about the drugging and killing of nine Afghan militia members, purportedly by a colleague, misidentified the manufacturer of the Ranger pickup truck used by the fleeing suspect. It is Ford, not Toyota.

I don’t always recall my beer and suspend its advertising campaign, but when I do, it’s Dos Equis Amber.

2001 ad spending up 2.7 percent in UK.

Welcome to the London neighborhood of Ikea.

Visualizing the rise of Instragram with Instragram. (via)

Family Care For Grassroots Community (热爱家园) joined DDB China to create the “Keyboard of Isolation” campaign.

Converse goes lucha libra with Mark Foster of Foster the People, trendsetting DJ A-Trak, and Kimbra.

What Google Glass will probably end up looking like.

What would Don Draper say about this Mountain Dew ad where a guy collides with a giant balloon filled with the sticky drink? (via)

Daily Show’s Rob Riggle for Pepsi Next.

The funniest, hardest to watch ad for potting soil you will ever see. (via)

Life of a Plant (Vigorplant) from DTan on Vimeo.