Childfree Flights Coming Soon (If You’re Going To Malaysia)


Folks who fly regularly have had this experience: a nearby kid is screaming at the top of his or her lungs. Or running up and down the aisle. Or kicking the back of your seat. Even the most dedicated parent isn’t pleased when someone else’s kid is making the flight a horror show for everybody else.

Folks who truly detest such flights might want to schedule a trip to Malaysia. The word from CNN is that Malaysia Airlines is planning to ban kids form the top deck of its A380 aircraft.  [more]

The first such flights will run the London-to-Kuala Lumpur route starting in July, then added to flights to Sydney in September. But patrons should be aware that teenagers have not been banished to the lower deck. Anybody 12 or older is allowed up top.

CNN points out that this news comes from the same airline that decided last year to not allow infants in first class on its 747-400 routes. 

Some other airlines, such as Gulf Air and Emirates, have also offered “passengers free in-flight nanny services that range from helping with meals to entertaining the kids while mom watches a movie,” the site notes. For American fliers, CNN notes, there is a website called Nanny in the Clouds, which connects fliers with nannies who want to make some dough.

[Image via Shutterstock]