Bloomingdale’s Window Displays Woo Shoppers with Virtual Fittings


New Yorkers hate to waste time and Bloomingdale’s new window displays are designed to save them a few minutes (while drawing a big crowd, of course). Bloomies has gone virtual in its window displays, allowing customers to try on sunglasses without even entering the store.

The New York Daily News reports that virtual-reality technology in six windows “projects designer shades onto shoppers who simply stand in front of the” the store’s windows. Customers simply align their eyes to ovals on the windows and then the sunglasses appear around them. They can tap on icons on the window to change to different glasses. And they can turn their heads and see what the arm of the glasses would like as well.

“It’s a little tricky at first, and a little weird with people walking by, but it’s neat,” 26-year-old Julia Snowden told the Daily News.[more]

Check it out fast, because the six interactive windows will only be available through May 7th. Each window offers four different women’s sunglasses frames by designers such as Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada and Roberto Cavalli. (Check out a slideshow of the virtual street-level sunglass fitting on Racked.)

“This gives customers the opportunity to try on different style frames,” says John Klimkowski, Bloomingdale’s operating VP and creative director of visual and merchandising presentation, to the newspaper. “It gives them a chance to play around to see which ones fit their faces better. They can compare each of the designers’ styles.” And then, of course, hotfoot it into the store to snap up their desired frames.

As a call to action, it feels like the start of a great idea. Ideally, the interactive storefront would enable the virtual sunglasses-tester to reserve the most flattering frames via their mobile phone — and receive some kind of discount or exclusive extra if they follow through to purchase. In any event, it’s an innovative and fun twist on window shopping, and we can’t wait to see what Bloomie’s does with it.

[Image via Racked]