Nike Expands Innovative Flyknit Collection


Nike is setting a goal to have consumers be able to get their shoes individually made to perfectly fit them. The shoe giant takes another step toward reaching its vision with this week’s release of the second round of its HTM Flyknit collection, which features the brand’s innovative new technology for customizing shoes that debuted in February.

The Oregonian reports that the company sees Flyknit as “game-changing technology” (Bloomberg Businessweek calls it “the swoosh of the future”) because of two different things. One is that it streamlines production (read: lessens the need for humans). When the day comes that robots can do the whole thing, you can expect Nike CEO Matt Parker (and all of the company’s shareholders) to be doing a jig of joy.

The second reason Flyknit is so radical is that it creates less waste. The uppers of Flyknit shoes are constructed as they are needed (on the fly, if you will) rather than with excess material that ends up being scrapped, thereby living up to the Nike Better World eco-platform.[more]

Parker, who started his career as an R&D designer, feels that this level of personalization should change the way footwear is made in general.

“Customization of product will be on a whole different level,” he said, according to the Oregonian. “You’re going to be able to scan your foot and create a shoe that is designed right to your foot (and) create whatever color you can imagine and get that made real time.”

The rollout schedule for the second HTM Flyknit collection: April 17th in Milan, April 22nd in NYC, April 22nd in London, and April 27 in Tokyo.

What’s new this time around, according to Nike:

Pushing the boundaries of Nike Flyknit technology by showcasing the aesthetic possibilities of fabrics, colors and patterns, this second collection features a refreshed series of colorways. Inspired by the mix of the technical and the natural, multiple yarns of varying hues are combined to create a unique heather effect while bold color details are integrated throughout. Nike Flyknit has been further manipulated to produce a complex variation of textured patterns throughout the upper.

Find out more about what makes Flyknit technology innovative in the video below: