Eva Longoria Stumps for Barack Obama [VIDEO]


The Barack Obama presidential re-election team today released a new video endorsement by actress Eva Longoria, the national co-chair of Obama for America. In the campaign (click here for the Spanish version), she touches on healthcare, education and immigration to pitch the president (and the American Dream) to the Latino community, and ends by directing voters to Latinos.BarackObama.com for more information.[more]

Longoria’s English-language pitch:

Ever since I was a little kid my parents made sure I knew that I could do anything if I worked hard. And my sister Lisa who faced obstacles growing up with special needs taught me to be courageous and compassionate. This is how I try to live my life day-to-day, and this is what I see everything President Obama does.

Whether he’s fighting for affordable healthcare and access to education, or supporting small businesses in the Hispanic community. Over the last three years he’s worked to reform our immigration system to give everyone a fair shot at the American dream. And he’s fighting to make sure people who have brought here children have the opportunity to earn a path to citizenship and contribute to the country they know as home.

That’s what this election is about and each one of us is responsible for the outcome in November. Estamos Unidos! Visit Latinos.BarackObama.com to get involved.