Nike Japan Fans Give Shoe Face


Brands can ask their fans to do some crazy things to show their love, but Nike Japan has found a new way to get its devotees to make themselves look a little crazy while helping to spread the Nike name.

Their marketing team’s latest stunt: Free Face, which asks consumers to, well, load an image of their face that the magic of technology will use to create an oddly similar image of a Nike shoe. This, of course, has led to some hilarious results.[more]

The digital campaign promotes Nike iD, the brand’s customization arm. Nike iD started as an online initiative back in 1999 and allows consumers to go on the Nike site and create and personalize premium products. Nike iD studios have sprouted up in different stores around the globe in order to offer a more personalized experience for consumers.

Does it get any more personal than scrunching your face to be voted on by others in order to look like a particular shoe? reports that the effort is getting a bit of attention on Twitter.

As Anders Teigene says, “Bend a shoe with your mouth.” Who could ask for anything more?