AT&T Pitches Digital Life for Home Security


AT&T has done such a thorough job of branding that consumers don’t think the company does much else beyond wireless telephony. Of course, that has never been true and the company is now aiming to continue its expansion into other areas.

The wireless service provider, according to Reuters, “is making a big investment in a nationwide wireless home monitoring service” with the hope that it could add another $1 billion in revenue to the corporation’s coffers.

Trials of the new service, called Digital Life, are planned for this year and will require customers to have sensors and cameras installed that will be linked to a central home system that then connects to AT&T’s monitoring system wirelessly.[more]

Subscribers will be able to monitor an entire house from a smartphone, tablet or PC, and it’s not just home security but energy and healthcare-related monitoring and other functions.

Digital Life will allow customers to monitor their homes from afar digitally as well as do such things as raise and lower the temperature or unlock doors. Digital Life announced an international service in February, and is now launching nationwide in the U.S.

“When you’re a company like AT&T … you look at opportunities that are billion-dollar opportunities,” said Glenn Lurie, the AT&T executive in charge of the project. “Obviously to grow our business at any level, when you’re a $130 billion plus company, you have to look for significant opportunities. We view this as a significant opportunity.”

Lurie notes that only 20 percent of U.S. homes have security systems so there is a lot of upside to getting involved in the market. But what it means to the average consumer is that they should start expecting to hear from AT&T real soon about how much more they think they can do for you.