Can a Mobile App Teach Corporate Social Marketing?


“Turtle or Soup. Survival of the Smartest” is a “boss-approved” gaming app designed to enhance skills around social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

The “original mobile marketing racing game” features “Roi” (aka ROI, or the billion-dollar question with every social media campaign), the All-American Small Business Turtle, and his arch-nemesis, Biggie the Rabbit. Players are either the turtle who outsmarts the competition, or the loser who becomes the competitor’s soup. Set along the Washington DC Beltway, the mission is to beat Big Business by leveraging social media to generate awareness, drive new leads, and improve brand visibility.

Developed by the Borenstein Group, Turtle or Soup can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store (for iPhone and iPad), Google Play for Android devices, and followed on Facebook and Twitter. “With mobile, digital and social media dominating how people interact and engage, we wanted to find a fun and educational way to show management and employees how these tools can help businesses grow – from branding, to lead generation, to increasing market awareness,” said Gal Borenstein, Borenstein Group’s CEO.[more]

Creating a mobile game to get the word out could be the agency’s smartest move. According to Newzoo’s latest report on mobile games, the number of Americans that play games on a smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch has surpassed the 100 million mark, a year-on-year increase of 35%.

So give it a whirl, but bear in mind it’s a marketing tool for its creator in the end — as you can see below, it advises players to hire “a quality agency” (hint, hint) to help with “being a real champion” and as “a sure way to win” when it comes to social marketing.