Top 10 Stories of the Week: GM’s Facebook Ad Pullout to the NYSE Euronext Brand Refresh and more


Our most-read blog posts of the week:

#1 Will Other Big Marketers Follow GM’s Facebook Ad Pullout?

#2 Kellogg’s Aims to Make Today Great with Refreshed Verbal and Visual Identity

#3 Why Brands Need to Drop the Jargon and Focus on Digital Experience

#4 NYSE Euronext Looks Ahead with New Logo and Color Palette

#5 Watch It, Wendy’s: Burger King Wants Its Crown Back

#6 London 2012 Watch: U.S. Runners Get Creative with Sponsors

#7 Why Go Further is More Than a Tagline For Ford

#8 Skechers Settles FTC Toning Shoe Suit for $40 Million

#9 Forget Mother’s Day – Happy Mommy Bloggers Everyday!

#10 Lush Cosmetics: Cruelty-Free, Not Controversy-Free