Budweiser Placement in ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘That’s My Boy’ Worth a Cool $3.7M


Last week we noted how Adam Sandler, Hollywood’s resident master of product placement, had essentially made a Budweiser movie disguised as fratboy comedy flick with That’s My Boy. Now, thanks to the number-crunchers at Front Row Analytics, we know just how much all that screen time was worth for the King of Beers: $3,685,234.

Specifically, Front Row Analytics values Budwesier’s exposure at $3,489,474, plus another $195,760 worth of exposure for Bud Lite and Bud Lite Lime. But there’s more. Budweiser’s product placement exposure for the weekend was even greater owing to its appearance in competing opening film Rock of Ages.[more]

Front Row Analytics, the analysis division of Front Row Marketing Services, applied its proprietary product placement valuation metric using dynamic qualitative and quantitative metrics which consider total theatrical distribution, gross box office receipts, product location factoring, integration of product into script/scenes, product affinity, appearance value and additional parameters to isolate the overall impact the product has in the film. It was Front Row that found that Mission Impossible 4 was worth over $23 million in exposure for Apple, which saw its iPhone spend five total minutes on the screen.

For Tom Cruise’s latest movie, the critically-panned adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages, Front Row found that Budweiser and Bud Lite combined for product placement valuing $93,202.

That puts the total value of Budwesier’s product placement at $3,778,436 between just two movies (that didn’t even perform that well at the box office).

While That’s My Boy may represent the pinnacle of its product placement achievement, the well-known white and red Bud logo is a common sight in Hollywood films. In the last decade, Budwesier has appeared in over 21 percent (80 of 374) of all films that reached #1 at the North American box office. That is more than three times more often than the nearest alcohol brand (Heineken with 24 appearances) and only behind Ford, Apple, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and Mercedes in total appearances by any brand.

A gallery of Budweiser product placement over the years: 

30 Minutes or Less

The A Team

Basic Instinct

Just Go With It (another Sandler film)

Benny & Joon

Cannonball Run

The Fighter

Four Christmases

Grownups (another Sandler film)

Navy Seals

Love and Other Drugs


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It should be noted that there is another Hollywood goofball who gives Sandler a run for his money when it comes to being an onscreen Budweiser buddy: Ashton Kutcher, who clutches the brand in What Happens in Vegas, A Lot Like Love and Newlyweds.