Can Senior Model Jacky O’Shaughnessy Save American Apparel’s Soul?


American Apparel is no stranger to controversy over the years, showcasing its “Made in America” (for now?) garments on young models, risqué poses, nudity and other provocative images that have given the brand and its Canadian founder, Dov Charney, a bad reputation — most of all as a businessman, with a lifeline investment by billionaire George Soros making headlines earlier this year.

Whether it’s another way to be provocative or at least unexpected, the brand has been expanding its casting calls for models, staging a (disastrous) contest for plus-size models, hiring its first transgender model (in partnership with GLAAD, no less) and now upturning ageism with the new face for its “advanced basic” line: 60-year-old actress Jacky O’Shaughnessy, who was spotted by an AA staffer in New York.[more]

Her ads are causing buzz on the brand’s Facebook page, with mostly positive comments.

O’Shaughnessy told Fashionista about her first modeling gig that she had never worn American Apparel clothes before the photo shoot, but now she’s a fan for life because she found the clothes to be “beautiful, affordable and actually fit. I don’t need to alter anything. They’re perfect for my lifestyle, I like to be comfortable. You could say American Apparel and I discovered each other. It’s a new world.”

While it has opened up doors for O’Shaughnessy, it might be premature to say it’s a new world for the brand too — after all, they couldn’t resist putting her in some provocative poses, too.