Levi’s is Ready to Go Forth and Dress with Purpose


For a few years, Levi’s has been telling America and then, the world, to go forth, speak out, raise a ruckus, and, while you’re at it, buy some Levi’s. It’s all part of that idea of the jeans-wearing rebel America that was borne out of the Sixties.

Levi’s Go Forth campaign launched in 2009 on the Fourth of July, the celebration of one of America’s greatest speak-truth-to-power moments. But this year, the Fourth came and went without Levi’s going forth and marketing. But just when you were at the tail end of your dismay, the San Francisco-based denim giant is delivering.[more]

The original idea of the Go Forth campaign came about because of global research that kids were thinking it is up to them to make a positive influence on the world, a press release says. Giving up on Go Forth would be, well, giving up. So the brand’s 2012 Go Forth campaign is focused on Levi’s Fall/Winter collection, which is “made for those who get dressed each morning with purpose.”

The campaign will show different young adults — teachers, musicians, interns, public servants — pulling on their Levi’s in the morning before heading out the door to work (recalling the campaign’s earlier “We are all workers” mantra) with a new mantra, “You’re gonna be great,” echoing in the background.

Is getting dressed “with purpose” as inspiring as the original Go Forth campaign, which kicked off with the high-minded commercial reciting Walt Whitman’s ode to pioneers? Think of it as an evolution, not a revolution.

“As the original jeans brand, we work hard to not just design clothing, but to design clothing that somehow inspires and empowers millions of people to pursue their passion, whatever it is, with an intuitive sense that, if you’re wearing a pair of Levi’s jeans, anything is possible,” stated Mary Alderete, Global VP of Levi’s Brand Marketing. “This campaign is designed to ignite a new generation of pioneers to believe in the Levi’s brand as much as we believe in them.”

Take a peek at the next iteration of “Go Forth” below, which incorporates the brand’s Commuter collection aimed at bike-riding professionals: