Abercrombie & Fitch Looking For Even More Loyalty


Whereever you look in America, you’re likely to see teenagers walking around with some form of Abercrombie & Fitch clothing on them. It’s easy to tell because the company sticks its name all over pretty much every stitch of clothing that it sells.

If all those walking billboards don’t show that there is already enough loyalty to the A&F brand out there, the company would like to keep a little closer track of just who is in the club and who isn’t. Its U.S. stores will now have a loyalty program, Columbus Biz Insider reports. A&F-owned Hollister already has its own loyalty program that goes by the only-attractive-to-teenagers name of Club Cali. [more]

So what do you get if you sign on to the A&F loyalty program? Things that make you feel like you’re in the In Crowd, of course: member-only offers and promotions. If that weren’t enough, members of the club get free shipping when they make purchases online that total more than $150. 

Is that all? Nope. Exclusive video and photo galleries as well as digital wallpaper for mobiles or computers as well as special music playlists. In other words, more stuff to make teens feel like they are cooler than cool.

Loyalty programs have been growing in recent months, though, as companies attempt to gather their customers close in a tough economy, 1to1Media.com reports. “Daily-deal sites and a coupon-obsessed economy are placing added pressures on companies to satisfy and retain customers’ business,” the site reports. “As a result, a growing number of organizations are now viewing their loyalty programs as a critical element in the customer journey, a component that has been ignored for so long…until now.”

And if there’s any store that doesn’t want to miss a trend, it’s gotta be A&F.