Coca-Cola Woos James Bond Fans With Coke Zero Skyfall Tie-In


Forget martinis and even Heineken if you want to Be Bond. Coca-Cola would like you to think, and drink, Coke Zero to get your 007 on.

When the twenty-third James Bond film, Skyfall, hits screens worldwide on October 26, Bond and brand watchers will paying close attention. The upcoming movie got an unprecedented plug from the monarch atop Her Majesty’s Secret Service during the opening ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics. The film also created a bit of stir to fans of the series because beer giant Heineken struck a deal to get some product-placement within the film, even though Bond has long been known as a fan of mixed drinks, particularly the martini.

You might say fans were shaken, not stirred, by the news — but thanks to the marketers at Coke, they have a non-alcoholic way to imbibe Bond.[more]

They can channel him by just sipping a little Coke Zero. At least that’s what’s suggested in a new ad for the cola that that contains 0.75 calories per liter. The come-on for the new Coke Zero TV commercial: “Unlock the 007 in you.” The spot features a regular Joe drinking his Coke Zero at a bar and noticing a beautiful woman who’s clearly eager to shirk off the baddies at her table.

Summoning his courage by humming the iconic Bond music theme, our hero steps to the table, which sets off a wild chase scene, featuring a hulking thug, a motorbike ride down some steep steps, a massive transportation collision, and a long leap from a bridge by the ersatz Bond while he holds hands with his new flame. (She’s likely a double agent, of course, but we’ll let him enjoy his fun for now.) He no doubt splashed on some 007 cologne, too.

Heineken, by the way, has been involved with the last five Bond films but this is the first time that the actor playing the secret agent, Daniel Craig, will be directly involved. “Brand, James Brand.” And Coke Zero was also on-board with 2008’s Quantum of Solace Craig-as-Bond outing.

That tie-in marked the first global promotional partnership for Coke Zero since its successful launch in 2005. The Coca-Cola Company rolled out a fully integrated marketing campaign across 40 markets, centered around a Coca-Cola Zero commercial that began with a nod to the familiar gun barrel sequence that traditionally opens every James Bond film — and also incorporated a chase, a girl and Bond’s theme music: