Changes “R” Us: Marissa Mayer Gets Busy at Yahoo!


Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer only been running the company since the middle of July but she’s got plenty of items ticked off on her to-do list: Bringing In Cash, Doling Out Phones, Changing Logo.

First off, her company just pulled in $4.3 billion after taxes from its “deal to sell part of its stake in Alibaba back to the Chinese Internet giant,” according to Wired. That’s pretty sweet, considering the company has been struggling financially for the last year. Instead of using it make acquisitions and build a big nest egg, though, Yahoo! is handing out $3.65 billion of it to its once-suffering investors, and hanging onto just $646 million. And what can you get for that?

The company will also now be saving a little bit of dough every time it prints something out on letterhead. Mayer also approved removing the registered trademark symbol from the company’s logo. Mayer posted an image of a deposed ® to her Instagram feed on Monday. It looks like it is waiting to gather with its R brethren to be put off in the backyard, like the Russians did with the fallen statues of its former heroes.[more]

Mayer later tweeted (then deleted), “Legal assures us that our trademark is implied and quite secure.” [Interbrand’s Jerome McDonnell begs to differ.]

And if you still work for Yahoo! after its troubled time last year that resulted in more than a few layoffs, you’re just about to get yourself a brand new Apple, Samsung, Nokia, or HTC smartphone.

According to a memo obtained by Business Insider, Mayer sent out an email that told employees, “We’d like our employees to have devices similar to our users, so we can think and work as the majority of our users do.”

The list of phones, though, doesn’t include BlackBerry devices. Sorry, RIM. And ®. You’re so last decade.

Mayer, meanwhile, will put her own exclamation mark on it in a few weeks, when she’s due to give birth to a baby boy.