American Apparel Hitting the Catwalk at Tokyo Fashion Week


American Apparel has been selling its wares in Japan for six years, generating enough sales and attention that the L.A.-based clothing manufacturer has been asked to participate in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, which kicks off on Oct. 15.

“We wanted to do something new this year and Tokyo is a city that is very open-minded to new, creative ideas, particularly when it comes to fashion,” stated Katherine Johnson, American Apparel’s Japan operations manager. “We are honored to be one of the first brands without an appointed designer to show at a high-profile Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week like this.” 

American Apparel operates four stores in Japan as well as an online and mobile store and an e-commerce platform with Amazon Japan, while “sales for the company are up 50% over 2011″ in the market.

The brand has been under fire in its home market in recent years, but things appear to be calming down as it evolves from fashion weak to Fashion Week. The company posted a sales uptick of 24 percent in its retail stores and 19 percent in e-commerce sales in August, according to the Associated Press.