Push, Marketing Push: Bond Skyfall Branded Tie-Ins Already at Full Throttle


For 50 years, James Bond has been finding his way out of life-threatening situations and winning hearts on the world’s silver screens. Friday, Oct. 5th marks the 50th anniversary of Bond on the silver screen, which is being promoted as Global James Bond Day. And in about a month, the British spy will come striding onto the big screen once again, so that means the heavy media push is now on.

The upcoming Bond film, Skyfall, has already been raising some eyebrows with the news that 007 will enjoy a Heineken during the film and not his typical martini tipple, with fans encouraged to help the new Bond girl, Severine, “crack the case” in a Facebook mystery game. But plenty of other marketers are jumping on the film’s release as well to encourage consumers to be more like the women-objectifying, consistently drinking, hidden-weapon-wielding Bond.[more]

Coca-Cola‘s Coke Zero brand Skyfall tie-in campaign features a young man “bum-bum-de-bumming” the Bond theme song to himself while battling for a fair maiden. Meanwhile, Sky TV has cut together a car chase featuring all of the men who have played Bond (except David Niven if you count the 1967 satire “Casino Royale”) in order to draw an audience for its all-Bond channel: Sky Movies 007 HD. That will serve as a helpful research spot for everybody who wants to be more like Bond.

If you want to have a cell phone like Bond’s (without any kind of Q-designed cool tricks installed), you’ll need to get yourself a Sony Xperia TL. AT&T has announced that the phone will get its own brandcameo in the movie. Omega has created a 50th anniversary 007 watch, and if you want to be as dapper as Bond, then Tom Ford‘s your man and your brand.

Just as Bond was a skyfalling hit at the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games in London, he’s being dangled as a lure by the British tourism board. VisitBritain is launching its first international movie ad, “which encourages foreigners to ‘Live Like Bond,’” according to Brand Republic. That’s a request VisitBritain may regret when folks start screeching around the region in Aston Martins (or BMWs) while things explode in the background.

VisitBritain is partnering with British Airways, Radisson Blu hotels, Aston Martin and Twentieth Century Fox on the Bond campaign. And, of course, no advertisement is worth anything without some interactive aspect to it these days so the organization has launched a site, Agent UK, which “will allow consumers to complete online missions around the UK,” Brand Republic reports.

While there will be print, outdoor, and digital ads to reach mass audiences, the VisitBritain campaign will only be seen in six cities across the globe, Brand Republic notes: Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; Los Angeles; Berlin; and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Meanwhile, the film is also getting a little bit of early buzz thanks to the leaking of part of the new theme song as sung by Adele. From Paul McCartney & Wings to Carly Simon, Duran Duran to Shirley Bassey, the Bond producers have always picked an artist to sing the opening number who is really of the moment. And it appears that they didn’t miss this time around.

And for those who can’t wait for the release of Skyfall before getting a Bond fix, there are of course lots of vids being released on the movie’s official YouTube channel. The latest is a behind-the-scenes look at how an underwater fight scene was shot. Or they can play the newest version of Activision’s “007 Legends” video game. Or watch the special anniversary Bond 50 Blu-ray package, which includes all 22 films, leaving a spot open for next year’s Blu-ray release of Skyfall. The whopping 122 hours of extra features should keep fans busy until Skyfall opens.

Of course, nothing compares to the real thing. For that, Bond lovers will have to wait till the October 22 release in Britain or the Nov. 9 release in the U.S. The IMAX version of the film may even debut a day earlier. If true, that’s news that more than few Bond fans would raise their, er, Heineken to celebrate.