Pepsi Brings Fat-Blocking and Holiday Colas to Japan, Ferran Adria in Spain


Japanese lab rats have paved the way for a new wave of sodas. Back in 2006, Japan’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition found that rodents that were fed dextrin and fat simultaneously absorbed less of the fat into their system than the rats that were given fat without dextrin.

Welcome to your new dextrin-rich diet, Japan! Earlier this year brewer Kirin released a Mets Cola beverage, which contains dextrin, onto the market, selling it as a soda that would keep consumers from packing on too much fat. It sold well enough that PepsiCo and Suntory, the sole bottler and distributor of Pepsi products in Japan, are jumping into the fat-blocking cola fray on Nov. 13 with Pepsi Special. As the Huffington Post notes, the “Japanese government certifies these colas as ‘food for specific health use.’”

Pepsi has long experimented with novel flavor combinations in Japan (case in point: yogurt, watermelon or strawberry/milk flavored cola, anyone?) In fact, in December it’s also introducing a new clear cola called Pepsi White in time for the holidays with seasonally cute snowmen. Despite being clear, ABC News reports that it’s tangerine-flavored. And that’s not the only limited-edition variation PepsiCo is rolling out internationally.[more]

The company is honoring some of the globe’s “brightest minds” on its cans, including Spanish gastro-scientist/chef Ferran Adrià (whose late, great El Bulli restaurant was a foodie’s shrine before it closed last year), robotics visionary Dennis Hong, paleontologist Jack Horner, explorer and scientist Angela Posada-Swafford, evolutionary psychologist Nancy Segal, and Kukuxumusu artist Mikel Urmeneta, according to HuffPost.

Here’s the limited-edition can for Adria, who’s revered as the “world’s greatest chef” and consulting with PepsiCo to develop food innovations — and who would no doubt balk at the notion of fat-blocking cola or snowmen-adorned bottles: