Occupy Billboards: Reclaiming Outdoor Advertising for Mother Nature


Everywhere you look are advertisements: on your clothes, on your gas-pump handle, on manhole covers, or on the front of your subway card. But one man is aiming to create a special spot where consumers will be advertising-free. Strangely, though, it’s a place that has long been a home for advertisements: the billboard.

Artist Stephen Glassman believes that drivers shouldn’t have to be looking at advertisements when they are stuck in traffic. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice if they were looking at gardens floating in the sky? Glassman, who has been creating large-scale bamboo installations in L.A. since the 1992 riots there, would like to transform the world’s billboards into a sea of floating bamboo gardens, NPR reports.

Well, if we can bring clouds indoors, why not help more of nature float outdoors?[more]

Glassman’s Urban Air project won the 2011 London International Creativity Award and now he’s looking to make a $100,000 on Kickstarter to help fund the project. Summit Media has actually donated some of its billboards, NPR reports.

And the world doesn’t have to wait for Glassman to get to their city to move forward with such a project. He has also created a “kit” to help others create such gardens, which entails putting planters atop billboards and hooking them up with a water-misting system and a wireless system to monitor them.

Then all you have to do is watch the bamboo sway in the breeze. And if it gets out of control, bring on the giant pandas.