Samsung’s CES News: Innovation Aplenty, But No New Logo (UPDATE)


When the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Vegas on January 8, there will be a slew of new products to check out. There will no doubt be new innovations in refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, televisions, and pretty much every other consumer electronic you can (and can’t) imagine.

One new innovation that may greet visitors to Samsung’s booth at CES: a new logo and brand identity. According to the rumor mill — via, which cites Australia’s Channel News — the South Korean electronics giant has been mulling over a visual refresh for the brand, with Nike on the mood board as Samsung’s marketing team seeks inspiration for a corporate makeover.

That’s strictly one for the rumor mill, however, as Samsung has has confirmed to us that the rumor is indeed just that, and factually incorrect.

On the non-speculative front, the company has just reported record third quarter earnings, posting its fourth straight record quarterly profit ($7.4 billion) in the three months ending Sept. 30. Samsung said that “it has sold more than 30 million flagship Galaxy S III Smartphones in about five months,” as noted by the Associated Press, selling between 56 million and 58 million smartphones from July through September alone.

As Reuters notes, “Samsung is now looking to a new range of mobile products, such as its Ativ tablets using Microsoft’s new Windows operating system, to propel growth.” Sounds like a hint of what’s to come at CES? Stay tuned.