Let’s Not Have a Baby: Sir Richard’s Celebrates Birth Control Day


Colorado-based condom brand Sir Richard’s is a cheeky marketer, as we noted last year. How’s it looking to make some noise this year for its all-natural brand? Supporting today’s first annual Birth Control Day, “a holiday commemorating the responsible decision of choosing not to be a parent.”

Their prophylactics have no spermicide, parabens or glycerin, and while the company “has nothing against parents, or even children for that matter,” it encourages “you and your significant other to celebrate the ability to fornicate to your heart’s content without procreating.”

The campaign features 12 digital “Happy Birth Control Day” cards with Somecards-style messages to be disseminated on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via email. Samples include: “Let’s not make the same mistake our parents did,” “I’d rather not remember we slept together in 9 months,” “You had me at ‘condoms’,” and “Let’s change positions, not diapers.”[more]

Each card links to the microsite which links to Sir Richard’s home page, and for every condom sold, one will be donated in a developing country. “I showed the campaign to a focus group of 100 people two days ago and women loved it; other brands tend to be very masculine,” commented Jonathan Schoenberg, executive creative director at Sir Richard’s parent TDA_Boulder, to MediaPost.

The brand’s footprint is growing. “We have taken a major foothold in the natural channel via stores like Whole Foods over the last nine months, and now we’re mainstream: we are now on Target.com and are having conversations with major pharmacies,” adds Schoenberg.

No stranger to humorous campaigns, the brand launched The Philanthropic Prophylactic campaign last year, explaining, “We’re all for socially conscious companies, and we’re also all for getting laid.”

Why today, by the way? Nov. 13, 1921, is the day feminist Margaret Sanger was arrested for trying to keep the New York City Police from closing down the nation’s first American Birth Control Conference at the city’s Plaza Hotel, resulting in a riot.