Peeps on Earth: Not Just for Easter Any More


The folks that make Peeps, those little marshmallow-chick candies found nesting in Easter baskets each year, have tried to market their product to fit other holidays such as Christmas (snowman and Christmas tree Peeps!), Valentine’s Day (heart Peeps!), and Halloween (Guys: there are pumpkin, ghost, and cat Peeps!) Nice try, Peeps, but the enduring image of the candy is still poking out of Easter baskets, no matter what Just Born seems to do. After all, 700 million of the sugar-beeked things are sold around that time of year.  

Undeterred, Peeps is soldiering on and making another effort this year to break the wall down and market itself as a year-round sweet treat. The brand’s holiday 2012 collection includes a new Peeps on Earth line of T-shirts, infant clothing, and water bottles, according to a press release.[more]

“Drawing on the enduring hope for ‘Peace on Earth,’ we knew that our ‘Peeps On Earth’ product line would touch our very devoted Peeps fans,” said Frank Rosario, senior ecommerce manager for Peeps & Company. “In fact, they immediately started buying and ordering items.”

According to the Allentown Morning Call, the company is going the extra mile this year for those Peepsters for the Christmas season, churning out “candy-cane-and sugar-cookie-flavored marshmallow chicks, as well as candy in the shape of snowmen, gingerbread men and reindeer.” Plus, Peeps lovers can snag wrapped gift boxes of the chicks to hand over to loved ones as well as stuff-animal versions.

“Peeps are a phenomenon,” says Jody Bigelow, Peeps & Company special retail product manager, the paper reports. “People wanted to gets Peeps outside of Easter and we thought: If people love them, why not give them Peeps year round? We took the iconic chick and turned it into a Christmas treat.” Maybe the brand needs to try a fresh tack to widen its appeal and audience, such as collaborating with other brands. Peepsi, anyone?